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Progressive and Professional Lawyers' Association, Nepal (PPLA, Nepal) is an Independent National organization of Nationalist, Progressive and professional Lawyers of Nepal. It is an organized, Autonomous, non-profit, Non-governmental and non-political organization with perpetual succession. It seeks to promote the rule of law and human rights, protection of professional rights and promotion of professional dignity, prosperity and conduct of lawyers and by getting actively involved in the campaign of social transmission with conviction towards democracy, equality and social and gender justice.

PPLA has established in 2011 AD. The association has 65 district committees and 7 provincial coordinating committees all over the country, working to fulfill the association's objectives. PPLA holds a national conference every three  years.

PPLA's central office is located on Marfa house, Anamnagr, Kathmandu, Nepal. Email pplanepal@gmail.com, Facebook : www.facebook.com/pplanepal. Contact No. 9851030442, 9851093129.

Key Post holders

President : Rudra Nepal

Contact No.9851093129

Secretary General : Ishwori Prasad Bhattarai

Contact No 9851030442

Email : ishwori.bhattarai@yahoo.com

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