After the coup in 2021, military Junta’s tactics have become more coercive and violent. The Junta is spreading more violent attack on democratic forces in the country. Junta is engaging in suppressing the pro-democracy and ethnic movements who are demanding the restoration of democracy in the country. The slapping of various false charges on Aang San Suu Kyi and other prominent leaders is attempt that these people would not come out from prisons. Junta has imposed emergency in the country by violating the rule of law.

We as COLAP strongly denounce the brutal violations of human rights in the country by Junta. We demand the release of all political prisoners from jails including Aang San Suu Kyi and restoration of democracy in the country. We strongly demand from the UNO and International Community to come forward and press upon Junta to restore Democracy and Human Rights in the country.