COLAP Resolution COLAP denounces the move of AUKUS and QUAD and calls to stop escalating military tension October 16th, 2021

Recently military tension has risen in the Asian region, especially by the military alliance of AUKUS and QUAD.

In September 2021, the US, UK, and Australia launched AUKUS. It aims to counter China in the Indo-Pacific region. AUKUS helps Australia to buy nuclear submarines. At the same time, US President Baiden initiated QUAD meetings this year with the US, Japan, Australia, and India and enhanced the military alliance. Japan’s new prime minister, Kishida, had the first meeting after taking office this month with the US, Australia, India, all QUAD member countries. He also had meetings with China and Russia, but they were after the QUAD members.

Based on these military alliances, on October 14th, 2021, a military drill called Exercise Malabar was conducted in the Indian Sea by the US, Australia, Japan, and India. The US nuclear submarine and aircraft carrier took part in it. On October 2nd, the US, Japan, UK, Netherland, Canada, New Zealand had a military drill in the sea around Japan.

AUKUS and QUAD are military interventions in Asia by the powerful Western countries and heighten military tension in the Indo-Pacific region. In response to this, China did provocative military action against Taiwan in October. Therefore, no good results will take place for our Asian people.

We, COLAP, denounce rising military tension in the region and call for both sides to stop escalating military races and military drills.