COLAP Condemns Israeli Killing in Jerusalem and Extends Solidarity with Palestinian Peoples Struggle against the Illegal Israeli Settlement

The Confederation of Lawyers in Asia and the Pacific (COLAP) strongly condemns wanton killing of innocent Palestinian people including women and children while they were praying in the mosque. This crime against humanity was committed by the Israeli army violating all international laws. COLAP also expresses support and solidarity with the Palestinian people today May 15, 2021, on the occasion of the 73rd year of Nakba, the day of shame, marking the illegal occupation of Palestine by Israeli forces with the support of the United States, UK, France and the European powers.

For the past many years, the some portion of international community has allowed the illegal Israeli Regime to continue occupying Palestine, establish a system of Apartheid, impose a draconian economic blockade of Gaza, forcibly displace Palestinian communities and install illegal armed settlers to steal these homes and lands.

The recent escalation of conflict between Israelis and Palestinian is the result of a systematic attack by Zionists led by Netanyahu in the past months. They allowed armed Israeli settlers to forcibly displace the peaceful Palestinian community in Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem and in other areas. The Israeli state forces allow attacks on Palestinians, the burning of the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Zionist destruction of holy sites, homes, shops and buildings of Palestinians.

Just recently, the Israeli armed forces escalated the attacks and bombing on the civilian people of Gaza, bombing the 3 tallest buildings in Gaza, knocking out the media center and all communications, killing 137 civilians including 36 children inside apartment buildings and densely populated areas.

Meanwhile, thousands of migrants and workers from Asia and the Pacific are caught in the conflict and are fearful for their lives and safety.

We at COLAP demand protection and safe evacuation for all civilians caught in the conflict.

We also call for the immediate cessation of hostilities and Israeli bombing of Gaza, the withdrawal of the illegal Israeli settlers in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem, the release of political detainees, and the return of occupied territories to Palestine.
We, together with the progressive and democratic lawyers in the Asia and the Pacific ask for the immediate action of the UN Security Council to stop the hostilities and protect civilians, and the withdrawal of support by the United States imperialist and their western allies to the illegal Israeli regime.

We also welcome the investigation of the International Criminal Courts on Israeli War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity in Gaza and in Occupied Palestine.

Finally, we support the struggle of the Palestinian people to return to their communities as guaranteed by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3236 that reaffirms the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination, national independence and sovereignty, and the right of Palestinians to return to their homes and property.