In the era of peace, dissolve the UNC, the relic of the Cold War.

On July 7, 1950, the United Nations Security Council recommended the creation of a US – led the unified command, but the United States referred to it as the United Nations Command using the name of the United Nations.

As the UN Secretary-General has confirmed twice, the United Nations Command in Korea is not a subsidiary organ of the United Nations.

However, the United Nations Command has the authority to start a war on the Korean peninsula without a UN Security Council resolution, to take over North Korean region, and to use Japanese bases and services without consulting with the Japanese government.

Therefore, the United Nations Command in Korea is a dangerous war apparatus that can threaten the peace on the Korean peninsula and the peace constitution of Japan away from the armistice agreement.

The United Nations Command, which has been acting like an organ of the United Nations, in Korea has long been criticized by the international community, and as a result, the resolution to dissolve the UNC passed at the 30th United Nations General Assembly in 1975.

Even before the conclusion of the peace treaty, the UNC is an organization that should have already been dissolved.

However, there is a movement, against the era of peace on the Korean Peninsula, to strengthen the UNC.
It also creates direct obstacles such as controlling military and economic cooperation projects between South and North Korea.
This is contrary to the wishes of the citizens of Korea, Japan and other member states of the United Nations, and we strongly demand the dissolution of the United Nations Command in Korea.

1. The US government should dissolve the United Nations Command in South Korea.

2. The US government, through the United Nations Command in Korea, should not interfere with inter – Korean cooperation projects.

3. The UN should stop the United Nations Command the use of the name “the United Nations”.

4. The United Nations should force the United States to implement its 1975 resolution to dissolve the UNC.

APRIL, 2019
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We endorsed this petition.

– International Association of
Democratic Lawyers (IADL)
– Confederation of Lawyers of Asia and the Pacific (COLAP)