Immediately abolish the National Security Law and release all prisoners of conscience!

The National Security Law was enacted by the succession of the Peace Preservation Law for suppressing the forces of the people’s democracy and reunification during the US military administration. And the Peace Preservation Law was used to oppress the independence and patriotism movement under Japanese colonization. Since then, it has been abused as a means to maintain the military regime and a fascist regime, and also a means to repress all the progressive people in South Corea. Under the NSL the Unified Progressive Party (UPP) of the legal party was forcibly disbanded by the fascist Park Geun-hye regime.

Even if the regime was changed due to the popular uprising in the last of 2016, the NSL still remains the worst evil of fascism ever. President Moon Jae-in pledged to revise Article 7 of the NSL when he was a candidate. It’s ridiculous for Corean people to amend only one clause of the NSL, which violates human rights and democracy including freedom of thought and expression as the worst evil of fascism ever. But even that has not been implemented at all and prisoners of conscience are still being created due to the NSL. So what is the difference between the current regime and the previous regimes? Members of progressive party are still being prosecuted or convicted under the NSL and trade union activists have been arrested for creating an educational meeting for Corea’s reunification.

NSL is a legal basis of fascist tyrannical apparatus including National Intelligence Service and National Investigation Service. NSL is the most evil in the midst of evil laws which prevents reunification as regard the same race as an enemy and retrogresses the April 27 Panmunjom era. In this general election on April 15th, the Corean people thoroughly judged United Future Party (UFP) who defends the NSL as showing strong demands of liquidating anti-democratic forces. UFP is an anti-democracy, anti-national and far-right party. If Moon Jae-in government does not abolish the NSL this time again, the anger of the public sentiment will be directed toward the current government. The abolition of the NSL is an essential prerequisite for advancing to independence, reunification and democracy and is the most desperate task of struggle in the present time.
June 13th, 2020