Now the fundamental cause in the crisis of Corean peninsula is USFK

A group of “North Corean defectors” carrying US on their back is at espionage and plot-breeding in a frenzy against North Corea. The anti-North Corea group sent hundreds of thousands propaganda leaflets against North Corea on May 31. These senseless acts of leaflet dropping against North Corea are an act of war in the international law. The anti-North Corea group has already sent out the leaflets against North Corea three times this year. They have intensified war crisis and national division as sending the leaflets against North Corea at least 10 to 15 times every year since 2006. Even though the critical situation of war is much heightened, they said “we will send a large number of leaflets in a larger scale.” so that the whole nation is inflamed with rage.

The atrocious acts of this group are a part of hostile policy and war schemes against North Corea. The group of North Korean defectors is run by the US government. Actually US CIA manages it through organizations including the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and provides millions of dollars with funding. The US State Department deliberately protected the group of “North Corean defectors” through the 2018 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices in 2019 and US was revealed itself as the force behind as pressing the Moon Jae-in government. How can US-South Corea Joint Air Exercise and US-Japan Joint Air Exercise and dropping leaflets against North Corea are a coincidence to carry out at the same time.

In effect, Trump administration accelerates a nuclear war maneuver against North Corea over again. On April 20th, the US and South Corea conducted a joint air exercise with F-15K, F-16 fighter jets and etc. During US-Japan joint air training on April 22nd, B-1B lancer, US supersonic strategic bombers, zoomed through near Corea peninsula. That US-South Corea joint air exercise was done in two years after “Vigilant Ace” in December 2018. And B-1B lancer appeared officially first after in 2017 when North Corea-US confrontation reached a climax. On April 13th, the US Indo-Pacific Command trained with multiple large-force exercises aimed at North Corea, China and Russia at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam.

Eventually, the current crisis is the US troops in South Corea who are the source of war and root of all evil. The South Corean government who looked over the US, so called groups of “North Corean defectors” and the traitors in South Corea who protect the them aggravate the situation. Through this incident, we confirmed again that as long as USFK stationed in South Corea, the national independence and peaceful reunification of Corean peninsula are impossible.

In order to implement Panmunjom Declaration immediately, President Moon Jae-in must punish severely the group of defectors from the North Corea who provokes the war and must prohibit the sending anti-North Corea leaflets. Furthermore, Trump’s nuclear war exercise scheme against North Corea is rashly dangerous behavior to bring out the unprecedented world war and deadly nuclear war. Trump administration immediately must stop the nuclear war maneuver against North Corea and withdraw the USFK.

June 13th, 2020