Confederation of the Lawyers of Asia-Pacific (COLAP) condemns Terror Attack in Bangladesh

Confederation of the Lawyers of Asia-Pacific (COLAP) seriously condemns horrific terror attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The religious extremist terror group made a hostage standoff at a café in diplomatic area of Dhaka on 1st July evening and brutally killed 20 hostages including 16 foreigners.

The Executive Committee of COLAP mourns for the victims and shares the grief of their relatives and friends. The COLAP also expresses its thanks to the security forces of Bangladesh who carried a sincere and risky effort and sacrificed life to rescue hostages and victims from the crisis. This attack is clear indication that when Bangladesh is emerging as a self-reliant country, the terror group is conspiring to destabilize the country and the South Asian region.
The COLAP in its VI conference expressed its concern about growing threat of religious extremism and terrorism as a regional and global threat. This terrorist attack in Dhaka once again proved that religious terrorism and
fundamentalism constitutes a serious threat to global peace, free thinking and against entire humanity. This terror attack has also proved that political use of religion definitely constitutes the threat of extremist terror.
The Executive Committee of COLAP expresses its solidarity with peace loving people of Bangladesh and with people of Italy, Japan, and India. COLAP also called upon the Asian Lawyers and international Community to combat this terror in unity.


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